We have a team of officers and committee members who run the local party and coordinate our activities.


Image of Green Party logoSecretary/Local Contact - Katie James

"Katie has lived in Bramley with her husband since 2002. She is a qualified Occupational Health Nurse Adviser, NLP Master Practitioner / Life Coach and Therapist. She currently works for a charity at a Wellbeing & Rehabilitation Centre. She is also a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.She joined the Green Party in 2016 after the Referendum feeling sickened by the effects of Tory austerity on public sector workers. She believes we are better in the EU working together to fight climate breakdown, the main issue of our times. She is a member of North Hampshire For Europe, which is campaigning for a Peoples Vote, on any deal negotiated.Having travelled in many developing countries she has seen first hand the poor conditions many people have to live in, so she believes that its up to the countries in the developed world to lead the way in reducing carbon emissions. We after all have the largest carbon footprint. She is also passionate about the NHS and is concerned about the impact that creeping privatisation is having on this most precious of services, especially if Brexit goes ahead.

For relaxation Katie enjoys travelling in their camper van, gardening, walking in nature, cycling, swimming and .yoga 

 Image of Green Party logoChair - Dr Lars Mosesson  


Lars has been an academic lawyer for 50 years, specializing in human rights and justice, although he took a break to be director of The Conservation Trust.  He joined the Green Party in 1979, and has stood in local elections often since he moved to Long Sutton with his family in 1990.  He has written and directed pantomimes in the village hall, and plays cricket for Odiham.  He sees the climate emergency as the single most-important issue facing us all, and that all issues of social justice and personal action flow from this.

 Picture of Richard WinterTreasurer - Richard Winter

Richard  was born and raised in Basingstoke and has lived here most of his life.  He is a qualified accountant who spent the majority of his career working in the financial services industry.“A few years ago I travelled throughout South America where I spent a short period volunteering in a local community project and a couple of years later followed this with a trip to Africa where I briefly worked on conservation project.  My experiences of these different cultures helped to change my outlook on life, such that a few years ago I decided to change career path and move into the charitable sector and I now work for a well known international conservation charity.The injustice of increasing inequality between rich and poor, and the lack of significant action on climate change lead me to join the Green Party. Climate change is the crisis of our generation and as with any other crisis it will affect the poorest hardest whilst the wealthiest are protected. I believe that these injustices, which are a result of politics as usual, cannot be allowed to continue.”

Image of Steve PhilpottsElection Coordinator - Steve Philpotts


Steve became an active member of the Green Party in 2018 after joining the party in 2015 while taking an OU degree in international studies.  He is involved in various neighbourhood groups in Basingstoke, the town he has lived in or around all his life.

“As elections co-ordinator I am keen to see the party’s representation increase locally and nationally as I believe that the Green Party is the only one that recognises the true gravity of the climate emergency.  I want my grandchildren and their grandchildren to be able to live in a town, a country and a world where sustainability and democratic accountability is prioritised, not economic growth, short-term financial gain, individualism and rampant consumerism.  We desperately need a responsible and pro-active government that reflects these priorities.”

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